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And please note: Some of the images are straight from my iPhone…

born in germany, spend my youth in frankfurt/main, started taking pictures on family vacations in switzerland at the age of 11.

worked as a lighting technician at the frankfurt theater schauspielhaus. studied at the Goethe Universit├Ąt Frankfurt.

getting into professional photography by assisting henner prefi, the classic still life photographer in frankfurt.

after a couple of years, left to assist for bernd mayer, a modern still lifer.

moved to paris, worked with a lot of the greatest photographers, editors, art directors, models, hair and make up artists. shooting fashion. while working with karl lagerfeld, i met my wife and followed her to new york.

worked with annie leibovitz as her first assistant. left annie’s very inspirational, nothing is impossible attitude. started out on my own, working for various us and international publications and advertising agencies.

switched my photographical approach from film to digital. a greener and more environmentally friendly production. no more chemicals to develop film and prints. renewable energy at the office, full digital delivery of final image files without all the time and distance constrains of the last century.

love to do my research, to meet them and find an appropriate way to portray them, so they actually recognize themselves in the picture and give the audience a sense of their personality, character and history.


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