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New SADE album, love it

Downloaded the new Sade and walking down the street i felt like i should be shooting a music video…

Anyhow, a nice extension of what we already know. Be ready to hear in the studio for the next weeks to come, i love it….


download it here:


Copyright alliance

As you might be aware the wide spread usage (and resuse) of internet content undermines the legal status of many copyright issues. Even that the usage is clearly regulated, new ways of communicating are taking away licensing fees from artists and writers in a big way.

Therefore i support the Copyright Alliance effort to protect and extend what already is status quo and internationally recognized.

To learn more about this initiative and help bringing this matter to larger attention on a national level i suggest following the link below and signing the letter to the US President.

A year out of the wheelchair

Yeah, i can’t believe it’s been a year. Still in rehab twice a week and still in pain once in a while. I can’t wait to be back in full force and hate the limitations all of this still has on me.

But i do survive the gym now even outside the pool so my progress is mare than fantastic.

And thanks to everyone who supported me during the last very trying year (I think of the jump shoots for Conde Nast’s Portfolio and Departures, what an irony).