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J Ralph’s studio for Vanity Fair

Josh Ralph on stage, for VF

Josh Ralph on stage, for VF

Here’s a great photo essay on the Clinton Star Theater, that’s the only privately owned and used theater space in New York, never been photographed before and only used by Josh and his cohorts for creating and recording the most ethereal music. Some for film, some for advertising, and even just great music, but always unexpected and unrivaled quality. And inside this fantastic and slightly decaying space is one of the most outstanding musical instrument and recording collection imaginable (Above you’ll see Duke Ellington’s Grand piano, and a vintage Neumann U47 microphone once owned by country singer Ricky Skaggs).

As for technical notes, we again shot all this with Canon 1Dx and a variety of fixed L lenses, as well as the TS 24 and 45mm. The main shot with Josh is shot with a L35mm, Profoto, Zoomspot, a Photek umbrella, 12″x12″ silk for the front and variety of Tungsten lights, from Arri 650W, 1k, 2k’s and around 9 Dedo 100W heads on dimmers for the room, along with some more Profoto gear. Due to the size of the space, this is one of the more technically involved shoots that needed a lot of moving equipment and i was happy to translate some lighting tricks from my friends that i met over the last year on various TV sets.

More pictures on the Vanity Fair website and the current magazine.


Steichen at the Whitney, NYC

Now here’s something to get excited about: The Whitney Museum in NYC is showing some recent acquisitions of Edward Steichens work, mostly portraits, done for a variety of clients, chief among them Conde Nast, aka Vanity Fair. That should fascinating and superbly interesting.






















The show runs from Dec. 6 2013 till February 23. So come for a visit…I can’t wait for the opening.


Unseen Amsel Adams prints at UC Berkley

Great story and as a fan of AA i can’t wait to see the whole lot. The published images are great and show the appliction of great photography in a commercial project and the commitment from such an outstanding instituon to use oustanding talent to get their image across.

Check out the article at the San Francisco Chronicle:



Irving Penn at Sotheby’s

Spring auctions are on these days and the most intriguing piece i saw was the georgeous portrait of Cate Blanchett by Irving Penn, 2007.

Just brilliant and in the usual manner perfectly printed, mounted and signed, just oustanding.

Now i hope it gets the price it deserves, estimate is very fair considering the other IP’s for sale:

Irving Penn Cate Blanchett at Sotheby's 2011

Shulman documentary screening

What a great subject. Obviously any documentary on a photo legend will impress me. But I really liked the revisit of some sites he photographed during his career and seeing what some owners did to it over the years.

Besides the breathtaking, epoch making photography itself the most fun were the little quips about the shoots and the architects. What a great man he was.

And After the reception we had to investigate the new Cooper Union campus: