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Steichen at the Whitney, NYC

Now here’s something to get excited about: The Whitney Museum in NYC is showing some recent acquisitions of Edward Steichens work, mostly portraits, done for a variety of clients, chief among them Conde Nast, aka Vanity Fair. That should fascinating and superbly interesting.






















The show runs from Dec. 6 2013 till February 23. So come for a visit…I can’t wait for the opening.



Faking it at the Met Museum, NYC

Great exhibit on photography and it’s manipulation over the decades. Nice to bring this back into peopels minds what was done prior to Photoshop.

Horst Corset


One of the most prominent examples i recall seeing recently was a Christie’s auction a couple of years back, the retouching on the original print on the waist in Horst’s famous “Mainbocher Corset” image. Scrapped off waistline then repro-photographed and reprinted, classic. But unfortunately not in this show.







Looking at my own career, i have to say that i’m fortunate and thankful to have learned and worked on some multilayer composites in the darkroom/repro camera while starting out at Henner Prefi’s studio back in Frankfurt. Nobody was doing that kind of work that i ever seen before. We did a lot of comps for Deutsche Bank but also great projects like the Homage to Giorgio Morandi in 3-7 layered photographs and multilayered jewelry photography.

Richard Avedon at the Met









Anyways, a great quick visit to the Metropolitan Museeum is always fun and this exhibit a great standout, open till January 2013.

Herb Ritts – LA Style now at The Getty, LA


Herb, one of my favorite living photographers growing up!

That WAS the photo business in LA as far as i was concerned from my little german perspective.

The light, the locations, all exotic and yet very bare elements, and modern at the same time. It just amazed me working in a studio in grey rainy Germany that this world exists, Thank you HR.

I always loved the simplicity, reduction to the most significant element, that was basically the hallmark of his photography, and who can forget his music videos or ad movies…

Well, The Getty in LA took it on to mount a retrospective, so go see it till August 26, 2012. They’re closed Mondays, otherwise 10-5:30, stay for the view and have a bite.


Sargent and the Sea

En Route pour la pêche

En Route pour la pêche









The Luminescent ocean view, the scenes on the beaches. Interesting how it can all remain in the vision of the sea in photographs. I felt very connected to the light and decisive play of light, shadow and clouds that create such a great pallet of colors. One can nearly smell the ocean and salt in the moist summer air.

Still up for a couple of days at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, just around the corner of our new favorite, the Brown’s Hotel on Albermarle.

ICP: Atget and Miroslav Tichy show

What a great selection of photographs.

I always loved the Atget view of Paris. I still it believe it exists, those quite moments in a large city and especially in Paris. They make every city magical, otherworldly, quite; an emotion that’s very hard to comunicate. And Atget stands the test of time.

On the other hand the great self build camera and the resulting images that Miroslav Tichy creates, come straight out of his phantasy, well excuted with a handmade edge that seems to be disapperaing very rapidly these days.

Both are at the ICP in NY til May 09, 2010

Irving Penn show at The National Portrait Gallery, London

I just got the book a couple of days ago and it’s a brilliant little gem. But i really urge everyone interested in the best photographical portrait work ever done, to see the show in person.

It’s up at the National Portrait Gallery in London until June 6, 2010 and then at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome from July 1st through September 19th, 2010.

Irving Penn’s small trades at the Getty, LA

I always loved that portfolio. It fits right between the Peru studio portraits early in his career and the tent/tribes shoots across the world in “Worlds in a small room”.

I just got back from the show at the Getty center in LA (where admission is free but parking $15, really) and was again impressed by the collection.

The prints had various qualities to them, from fiber based prints to variations in the platinum coatings, but it was a nice treat to see them all lined up for comparison. From the subjects, to the way they carried themselves and their tools, their facial expressions; all very intriguing.

The only disappointing part was that due to the sheer amount of prints some hang a little to high for closer review, but i guess that a nice problem to have with around 250 prints…

And i really enjoyed that the actual print size was not at such a monster scale that are shown i recent years, like this the photograph can be viewed as one whole image and the eye doesn’t have to wander.