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Steichen at the Whitney, NYC

Now here’s something to get excited about: The Whitney Museum in NYC is showing some recent acquisitions of Edward Steichens work, mostly portraits, done for a variety of clients, chief among them Conde Nast, aka Vanity Fair. That should fascinating and superbly interesting.






















The show runs from Dec. 6 2013 till February 23. So come for a visit…I can’t wait for the opening.



Man Ray exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery, London

Another must see exhibit by one of my favorite Places in the world. And Man Ray should be a draw to anyone anyways, wherever he’s shown. And this is astonishingly the first major retrospective of his work.














I can’t wait to see it in person.

Here’s a great article in the Telegraph, discussing Catherine Deneuve’s last sitting with him.


‘Man Ray Portraits’ is at the National Portrait Gallery, London W1, from Feb 7 until May 27, 2013. More info at npg.org.uk


Unseen Amsel Adams prints at UC Berkley

Great story and as a fan of AA i can’t wait to see the whole lot. The published images are great and show the appliction of great photography in a commercial project and the commitment from such an outstanding instituon to use oustanding talent to get their image across.

Check out the article at the San Francisco Chronicle:



Avedon at Christie’s Fall Photo auction 2012

Here’s another classic:

A special section and auction of some genius work. And an entire set of the family portraits for Rolling Stone 1976.

It’s great to see the actual prints side by side, the presentation is great and interesting to note the shoot dates as well.

And besides 2 versions of the Stephanie Seymour in black see through dress, great to compare contrast and printing on both. Will we ever see this again in one room??

Time to collect some…

at Christie’s Rockefeller center on display Oct. 1-3 and sale on the 4th.

Herb Ritts – LA Style now at The Getty, LA


Herb, one of my favorite living photographers growing up!

That WAS the photo business in LA as far as i was concerned from my little german perspective.

The light, the locations, all exotic and yet very bare elements, and modern at the same time. It just amazed me working in a studio in grey rainy Germany that this world exists, Thank you HR.

I always loved the simplicity, reduction to the most significant element, that was basically the hallmark of his photography, and who can forget his music videos or ad movies…

Well, The Getty in LA took it on to mount a retrospective, so go see it till August 26, 2012. They’re closed Mondays, otherwise 10-5:30, stay for the view and have a bite.


Annie Leibovitz showing “Pilgrimage” at the Smithsonian, Washington DC

After a short preview in NY the “Pilgrimage” show of Annie’s recent still life book is opening today in Washington, DC. We’re just on the train going back to NYC after a great opening evening at the Smithsonian Art Museum and a later night at the Hay…

I highly recommend a visit, it’s free, open every day (till May 20, 2012), and most obvious a fantastic collection of mostly American Icons and pieces of history that sometimes just missed the spotlight. It’s really great to see the prints on the wall and i highly recommend collecting the prints if they become available…

One of my favorites, Sigmund Freud’s couch in London (a rare international artifact), ahh the days…


Sarah Moon exhibit in LA

If you find yourself in LA these weeks spend an hour at Fahey/Klein Gallery and see the Sarah Moon show (LaBrea and 1st ave.), till May 21, 2011.

Just exquisit photography that just seemes to me like it happened yesterday.

True genius is timeless and never goes away, it just gets neglected by the mainstream.

And the best part, you can actually own these pieces, beats the auction market.


Malik Sidibé show at MB Gallery, LA

Always loved his work, straight forward  that reminds me of August Sander great look at the Germans early 1930ties, just with african charm. The eye of Bamako is a great show in a great space, up till April 9, 2011 , so if you’re in LA you have to swing by

akick Sidibe


ICP: Atget and Miroslav Tichy show

What a great selection of photographs.

I always loved the Atget view of Paris. I still it believe it exists, those quite moments in a large city and especially in Paris. They make every city magical, otherworldly, quite; an emotion that’s very hard to comunicate. And Atget stands the test of time.

On the other hand the great self build camera and the resulting images that Miroslav Tichy creates, come straight out of his phantasy, well excuted with a handmade edge that seems to be disapperaing very rapidly these days.

Both are at the ICP in NY til May 09, 2010

Irving Penn show at The National Portrait Gallery, London

I just got the book a couple of days ago and it’s a brilliant little gem. But i really urge everyone interested in the best photographical portrait work ever done, to see the show in person.

It’s up at the National Portrait Gallery in London until June 6, 2010 and then at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome from July 1st through September 19th, 2010.

Irving Penn passed….

We lost a giant.

He, of all the photographers in history, influenced me the most.

His attention to detail, the contrast and the simplification of subjects will always be inspiring.

His work was one of the first that really stood out for me as a teenager when I first got into photography and discovered “Passage” and later “Flowers”.

(And I read all the book on photography in our library; twice)

And today I’m still amazed on the broad subject matter he shot so exquisitely and was always excited finding another Penn photograph in Vogue over the years.

There is a very short list of photographers that I’m a true fan and he is on top of even this group.

This is truly one of the saddest days in the Photography world and words will never be enough.

His series “Petit métiers” shot for Vogue in the 50’s is on display at the Getty Center in LA till January 10, 2010